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The Home Alone 2 Controversy: An Epitome of our Ridiculous Politics

In 1992, Donald Trump appeared in the beloved Holiday film Home Alone 2: Lost in New York for all of seven seconds. The punchline of the future president’s cameo was, “Look, it’s Donald Trump.”

Some eagle-eyed Trump supporters noted with much anger that this scene was cut from the CBC’s annual airing of the film. The anger filtered over to Fox and Friends and over to the White House. The President accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of doing it as payback for Trump forcing Canada’s hand on trade and NATO.

The reality was Trudeau had nothing to do with the decision, nor was the decision made in regards to Trump’s presidency. According to the CBC, the scene was cut along with a lot of other short scenes back in 2014 to make the film fit into its allotted TV time slot, and CNN found complaints about the cut put online going back to 2015. In other words, the CBC is doing what TV stations due when wanting to air movies.

This is emblematic of the way and Trump and his followers approach politics, with fights over any perceived slight to the President. Many of the President’s supporters say this presidency is about the forgotten man. That’s only true if Donald Trump is the forgotten man.

Meanwhile, we’re running a Trillion Dollar deficit in good economic times, and the national debt has gone over $23 trillion.  The reality of Social Security and Medicare’s insolvency will lead to either a massive tax increase for workers or a cut to benefits to seniors within the next fifteen to twenty years. North Korea is threatening offensive measures as Trump’s embarrassing kissing up to North Korea has failed.

 And, thanks to Trump supporters, we’re talking about a seven-second cameo? We need serious leadership. What the Republicans have provided instead is a bread and circuses cult of personality. The Democrats have been no better with their pettiness and efforts to pander to every progressive fringe group. America desperately needs new political leadership that will deal with the nation’s serious issues.

Memebusters: Is President Trump Entitled to run for a Third Term if Acquitted by the Senate

This meme’s been popping up a lot on Facebook recently:

This meme is easily refuted by the text of the 22nd Amendment which limits the President to two terms. The relevant portion:

No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once. 

Amendment 22, Section 1

Note there is no mention of impeachment making any difference. The rest of the amendment is concerned with when the amendment goes into effect and exempting President Truman, who was in office at the time this amendment was passed.

The meme may have been inspired by an idea by constitutional scholar William Mattox that an impeached but not convicted President should get a third term. This is not the same thing as stating a president does.

Professor Glenn Reynolds pointed out that this could create perverse incentives. He cites a House controlled by the President’s party to push through phony articles (maybe impeaching him for being a nice guy) to give him a third term.

I see another perverse incentive in that both modern Presidents to be impeached brought it on themselves. Most people will agree what Bill Clinton and Donald Trump did was wrong, but many will insist that impeachment was too severe a response. Under the system proposed by Mattox, a President who behaves ethically can run for two terms. A President who misbehaves and gets impeached can run for three if his party saves him from being actually removed.

At any rate, Mattox’s proposed idea isn’t currently the law and this meme is disrespectful nonsense.

Remember, don’t believe every meme you see. Research them before you share, and think for yourself.