This question is addressed in detail in the first section of my book We Can Do Better, America

Let me be clear: forming a new political party is not going to be quick or easy. That’s why I remained an active Republican for many years despite the party being so off-course. I also address the popular argument no new party should be started until the legislative bodies dominated by the two major parties pass laws that make it easier for a new party to win and compete. A new political party isn’t the best way to affect political change. It’s the only way.

Issues The Book Tackles: 

● The Republican Party failed to live up to their principles BEFORE Trump. 

● How Trump made things worse. 

● How the GOP has changed.

● Challenges to starting a new major political party. 

● Why a Primary Challenge to Trump is pointless.

● Why Democrats are not an acceptable alternative. 

● A new political party vs. running Independent Candidates.

How Do We Get It Done? 

The second section of the book discusses how we can make a new political party happen. The topics the book covers include:

● Ways to avoid “splitting the vote.” 

● 3 key foundations for a new conservative party. 

● Identifying false dichotomies of today’s politics.

● 5 rules for creating an effective party platform. 

● National and state party leader advice.

● How to establish State Parties. 

● Understanding the role of local politics. 

● How common citizens with limited time and resources can contribute. 

● How to take action today.