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Trump Crashes the Flight 93 Gambit (Podcast)

A look at the mob seizure of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, how Trump’s words and actions led to it, what needs to be done, and how our nation finds it way back.

Podcast: How Do You Unify Behind a President You Disagree With?

President-Elect Biden has called for unity. Can a good conservative who disagree with Bidens agenda unify behind his presidency? And what does it even mean to unify behind a President?

Podcast: Biden Stole the Election is the New Birther Movement

Adam explains that the argument that Joe Biden stole the election is just a long the latest in a long line of conspiracy theories to undermine the legitimacy of political opponents rather than engagement with them.

Podcast: Why the Republicans Want You to Think the Squad Will Pack the Supreme Court

Two members of the “Squad” of far left House Democratic Freshmen called for adding Supreme Court Justices in response to the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. But do the Squad really have the power? What is the real danger of the Squad and how can they be counteracted?

Podcast: Grace for a Lesser of Two Evils Election

How could someone vote for Trump? How could someone vote for Biden? Or choose to vote Third party or abstain? Adam Graham explains and why its important to understand other’s choices and focus on avoiding another election like this one.

Podcast: How to be Pro-Life Without Being a Jerk

Why “abortion juking” is wrong, why pro-lifers should stop and why we d o it.

On George Floyd

Thoughts on how George Floyd’s murder is the culmination of several disturbing stories involve Black Americans, the need for reconciliation and coming together, and the danger of those who will try to impose an agenda on the situation. Also thoughts on COVID-19 and the protests.

Church Reopenings During COVID-19

In this episode, Adam cuts though the partisan talking points and examining what President Trump’s declaration on church reopenings actually means.

Introduction to the Refuge for the Politically Homeless

I talk about my new podcast Refuge for the Politically Homeless.