Welcome to the launch page for a new movement begun with the political book We Can Do Better, America: The Case for a New American Party. (Now available for digital pre-order) The book establishes why the US needs a new major party and how we can make it happen. The book will be released in September 2019.

Americans love choices and competition. From car repair and dry cleaning to video streaming and cell phones, we reward those who give us the best service at the best price. We have competition and choice in politics represented by the two major parties. There’s just one major problem. They’re both terrible. 


The purpose of the book We Can Do Better America is to show the reader how you can help create a new conservative political party. The book is written for both political activists and concerned citizens with limited resources to invest in supporting a new political party.

We’ll be adding in the future book excerpts, blog posts, and more information on how we can build a new American political party.