Hi, my name is Adam Graham. Growing up, I spent six years travelling America with my mother and itinerant preacher father. Neither of my parents were politically active, but for my eighth birthday I received a deck of U.S. President flashcards. That sparked a lifelong interest in politics. I began to read voraciously about politics and history.  I became a conservative because I believed limiting and reforming government would make people’s lives better.

Over the years, I became involved in many conservative, pro-life, and Republican causes and have volunteered for multiple conservative political campaigns. I was Secretary of the Flathead County (Montana) Republican Party. When I moved to Idaho, I became was a Precinct Committeeman from 2006-2008 and I was a delegate to the 2008 Idaho Republican Party Convention. I served as state coordinator for three Republican Presidential campaigns between 2000 and 2012. I was a candidate for the Idaho House of Representative in 2004.

I’m also a conservative writer whose work has appeared on PJMedia.com and I currently write at Caffeinated Thoughts. I live in Boise, Idaho with my wife, Andrea.