I don’t pretend to have the answer to everything, which is why this website and my book can do good. Many political books dictate to activists an entire political program to address every possible political issue out there. I don’t do that for one simple reason. A political party based entirely on my ideas and philosophy would only have one member—or perhaps two members, if my wife felt sorry for me. 

For a new party form and last, it has to be your party. We all need to have a say in what a new party’s platform will be. That’s why I lay out key principles a successful new party will stand for—such as the importance of character and ethics in government—and I suggest three issues I recommend a new conservative party address in their platform, but I leave room for grassroots activists to make a new party their own.

Who Is America, We Can Do Better For? 

The book is written for both political activists and concerned citizens with limited resources (time and/or money) to invest in supporting a new political party.

For the activists, this book will be a good jumping off point that will provide solid basic advice that will get them started in the right direction. For concerned citizens with limited resources, this book will teach you how to identify a functional and competitive new political party that’s worth investing in. At less than 60,000 words long, the book makes its points with brevity and clarity.

This book is for people who love America and look at its history of grand achievements and the noble statesmen of the past and conclude we deserve better than our current broken, corrupt political parties.

You Can Help In A Big Way! 

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