While the 2 U.S. parties emphasize where they differ, there’s a lot they have in common. 

Both parties have: 

● rewarded ignorant, nonsensical leaders. 

● brought multiple political scandals. 

● promoted sexual predators to high political office. 

● winked at the bigotry of their own party members. 

● sought to undermine the Constitution. 

● pitted Americans against each other for power. 

● no plan to address our nation’s skyrocketing $22 trillion debt. 

● been immersed in corruption. 

What’s A Kakistrocracy? 

Americans know something’s wrong. The two major political parties form a kakistocracy, which is a government run by the worst, most unscrupulous people. A 2018 Voter Study Group poll showed that 68% of Americans want a new major political party. 

Why Hasn’t This Happened? 

Many minor party activists cite the challenging process of ballot access and lack of media coverage. Others will say third parties are hindered by our current electoral system. Both are hurdles a new party has to jump over, but the bigger problem is no one has started the race.

What About The Green Party, Libertarian Party, And 20 Other Smaller U.S. Parties? 

Yes, there are more than two parties in the United States. However, they have not gained much of a following. The book America, We Can Do Better will help you and your movement be more successful than these minor parties because the goal is not to just make a point but rather to build a broad-based political party that will replace one of the major parties.

When I left my old party in 2016, I couldn’t find a viable game plan for forming a serious new political party. What literature I could find on third parties either just explains the problem with the major parties or promotes fringe political parties that won’t capture the electorate. 

America, We Can Do Better is different. This book incorporates my experience as a former Republican activist, precinct captain, state convention delegate, state presidential campaign coordinator, and a lifelong student of politics. The book combines a principled case for a new political party with practical insight on how to create a political party that can grow strong enough to replace a major party. While written from a Conservative’s perspective, most of its principles would apply to any new political party.